Bits & bites always fresh and with local products

Delicious Breakfast
In the morning we prepare a delicious breakfasts for anyone who wants, with fresh juice, farm-fresh eggs, yogurt with homemade granola, fresh fruit – with a little luck and in the right season – straight from the garden! The local bakery delivers a variety of bread fresh out of the oven. What better way to start your day?

The outdoor kitchen
The cosy outdoor kitchen is fully equipped and at your disposal during your stay. Moreover, you can always and at any time of the day grab a refreshment from the fridge. There are cold soft drinks, beers, local wines and some small snacks. You keep track of what you use on your room list. Nice and easy! Coffee, tea and fresh lemonade is always available for you also.

Petíscos & Cocktails
Petíscos’ is the Portuguese word for ‘tapas’…and we love them! We have a small menu with delicious snacks, all made with local delicacies.

Just imagine coming ‘home’ after a day of enjoying the beach and exploring the area and not having to do anything but lean back and relax in the garden or by the pool, where you can reminisce about the beautiful day while enjoying a local petisco and a delightful cocktail…Enjoying the good life!