Katja Huizinga

Creative, organizational talent and dreamer.  After working as an entrepreneur in the event industry for over fifteen years, Katja made the switch to tourism four years ago. Since 2018 she has been the co-owner of Rudy’s Taxi Company in the Netherlands and since 2022 the proud owner of B&B Pátio do Vale in Portugal, finally fulfilling a long-cherished dream!

She has lived in Portugal from the age of twelve to twenty-four and now, twenty-five years later, she is finally back in the country she loves so much.

Katja thoroughly enjoys: working out creative ideas, rolling up her sleeves and styling & interiors. She can be fussy over details and can absolutely not survive without humor, Portugal, friends and family, good food and drinks, being outdoors and making people happy. And last but certainly not least: her love & her dog!

Ruud Vlasman

Founder and owner of Rudy’s Taxi Company for over twelve years. In addition, Rudy is a musician at heart, bon vivant and a very funny guy.

He knows the Netherlands like the back of his hand and as the perfect tourguide, likes to lead his guests off the beaten track and show them the hidden treasures. Now he is leaving the beaten track himself and embarking on the great adventure as a brand new B&B owner in Portugal.

Rudy thoroughly enjoys: people, traveling, good food, lighting up the BBQ and listening & making music. Can definitely not survive without: people, traveling, making people smile, good food…and good music!